1)  Arif I. Mallick joined the group as a PhD student ;                                              02nd Jan 2014

2)  Arindam Sarkar joined the group as a PhD student ;                                           21st July 2014

3)  Dr Enamullah Khan joined the group as post doc ;                                              06th Aug 2014

4)  Notification of Young Scientist Award to Dr. Alam ;                                            07th Sep 2014 

5)  Vikram and Jiban joined the group as a dual-degree PhD student ;                      05th Jan  2015
6)  Chanchal joined the group as a PhD student ;                                                    05th Jan  2015

Hossain joined the group under DST project ;                                                     18th Feb  2015

8)  Amita joined the group as a project student ;                                                      03rd Feb  2015

9)  Arif's paper got published in PRB ;                                                                    25th Feb  2015

10)  Enamullah's first paper in PRB ;                                                                     10th Dec  2015

11) Arif and Enam presented their work in                                                              14-16 March 2016
      AIM 2016, Bormio, Italy

12) Jiban will attend Summer School on Electronic                                                 18-29 July 2016
      Structure Theory at Berkeley National Lab., USA

13) Aftab is awarded "International Association for Advanced
      Materials " scientist medal for the year 2016 at Sweden for                               24 August 2016
      notable and outstanding contribution to the filed of Advanced
      Materials Science and Technology
14) Aftab is invited to become the Editorial board member of the                             15 October 2016
      Advanced Materials Letter Journal

15) A joint paper by Vikram, Jiban and Enam on thermoeletricity                             16 Feb 2017
      got published in J. Materials Chem. A

16) Aftab is awarded "Early Research Achiever Award 2016"                                   18 Oct 2017 
      by IRCC, IIT Bombay 

17)  Chanchal's paper on topological semi-metal got published in PRB ;                  06th Feb  2018

18)  Chanchal's work on CeB6 got accepted in PRL ;                                                02nd Feb  2019
19)   Jiban got best poster award from Royal Society of Chem, at ASM conference  10th March 2019


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