Research Group

Post-Doc Fellow

Dr. Debashish Das
Joined: October 2017
Research Interest: Modelling magnetic interactions, Spinel interactions
Prior Position: IIT Guwahati

Dr. Asha Yadav
Joined: August 2019
Research Interest: Catalysis
Prior Position: University of Mumbai

Ph.D. Students

Arif Iqbal Mallick
Joined: December 2013
Research Interest: Spin gapless semiconductors, Magnetic Materials
Prior Position: IIT Madras

Arindam Sarkar
Joined: July 2014
Research Interest: Magnetic Double Pervoskites
Prior Position: Bengali Engineering and Science University, Kolkata

Joined: January 2014, Dual Degree
Research Interest: Energy renewable materials, Thermoelectric, Solar
Prior Position: IIT Bombay

Jiban Kangsabanik
Joined: January 2014, Dual Degree
Research Interest: Solar materials, Transparent Conductors
Prior Position: IIT Bombay

Chanchal K Barman
Joined: January 2015
Research Interest: Topological Insulators, Nodal-line, Weyl semimetals
Prior Position: IISc Bangalore

Supriti Ghorui
Joined: August 2017
Research Interest: Energy renewable Materials
Prior Position: IISER Pune

Bhawna Sahni
Joined: Feb 2019
Research Interest: High Throughput Calculations on Energy Materials
Prior Position: IIT Mandi

Deepika Dabra
Joined: January 2015(Co-Guide with Prof. K.G. Suresh)
Research Interest: Defects and Magnetism in Heusler Alloys
Prior Position: University of Delhi

Gurudayal Behera
Joined: July 2017(Co-Guide with Prof. K.R. Balasubramaniam)
Research Interest:Surface/Interface Study of thinfilm heterostructures
Prior Position: NIT Rourkela

Jadupati Nag
Joined: (Co-Guide with Prof. K.G. Suresh)
Research Interest:
Prior Position:

Joined: (Co-Guide with Prof. M. Aslam)
Research Interest:
Prior Position:


  1. Dr. Enamullah Khan (Post-doc), now at IKST
  2. Sushant Saryal (2 Yr M.Sc.)
  3. Som Saxena (2 Yr M.Sc.)
  4. Prashant Mishra (Dual Degree, Engineering Physics)
  5. Vineet Punyamoorty (BTech.)
  6. Satyam Mohla (BTech.)
  7. Mojaffar Hossain (DST project student)
  8. Amita Sihag (DST project student)
  9. Anuradha Yadav (DST project student)
  10. Arini Kar (Summer project)

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